Baby DJ School

Baby DJ School

Williamsburg, Brooklyn, New York
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Baby Dj School is an interactive music program for ages 3 months-36 months that has taken the world by storm. Good Morning America, The Wall Street Journal,TIME Magazine, New York Magazine, The BBC, NPR, Parents Magazine and many more have raved about this fascinating new education series. Modern DJ equipment is easy for even the tiniest hands to manipulate, so when a tot is too young to hold a guitar or violin, DJing is the perfect way to empower them musically. Through singing, dancing and interactive technology, little ones are introduced to handling records, mixing and matching beats and creating funky samples. Recommended by pediatric neurologists, Baby DJ School is a fun way to increase a baby’s fine and gross motor skills, language and social skills in a musical environment where caretakers and little ones can both learn something new! An interactive sing-along that makes music education a dance party, Baby DJ Schooltransforms the ordinary Mommy-and-me sing-along experience into an educational escapade through the wonderful worlds of electro, hip-hop, and house! Why should children hear the same nursery songs underscored by the same instruments time and time again? Switch out a guitar for a sampler, a piano for a mixing board and a song about black sheep for a song about backbeats, and you have an exciting new musical landscape that both young and old will enjoy.

“It’s not just the motor development that’s happening, but it’s also the social interaction with parents which is very valuable.” – Pediatric neurologist
Celeste Kidd, MD

“As a doctor, I can attest that Baby DJ School enhances children’s physical, social, and cognitive learning. Kids improve their fine motor skills, hand eye coordination, and dexterity by turning knobs, sliding bars and pushing buttons. They build self-confidence seeing that their actions each cause a reaction. The musical component also helps them with language development. Most importantly, the classes are tons of fun. My own daughter took the class and it was amazing to see how much she thrived.
Alexis Langsfeld, MD, mother of DJ Ellie 24 months

"There are hundreds of music classes for babies, and they're all nursery rhymes and the kids sit around and hit a little drum. This one is more interactive. It's an amazing class."
– Samantha Al-Fayez, mother of DJ Julian 13 months

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64 N 9th St, Brooklyn, New York 11249
Baby DJ School
Williamsburg, Brooklyn
64 N 9th St
Kent Ave and Wythe Ave
Brooklyn, New York 11249

Go inside the record store and park your stroller (if you have one) to the left of the coffee hut. The take the stairs on the left upstairs, you will find us up there, next to the ping pong tables.

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