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Kids Art Classes Coming up in New York

Oil Painting for Kids

at 7 Fine Arts - Hoboken
159 4th St, Hoboken, New Jersey 07030

Old master oil painting techniques are taught in this class. We welcome beginners and past students and encourage individuality. Realism and impressionism is the focus with each student prepared to concentrate on final product.  An excellent way to challenge, inspire, and create portfolio quality work.

Thursday Dec 21st, 5pm

Kids: Self-Expression

at Creatively Wild Art Studio - DUMBO
33 Washington St, Brooklyn, New York 11201

This popular art class encourages students to explore their unique creativity and self-expression. Our expert instructors nurture and encourage your child to express their artistic potential through painting and the use of mixed-media.  Each week, your child will work on a variety of exercises and projects, mastering techniques using paint, inks,...

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Toddlers: Art Adventure

at Creatively Wild Art Studio - DUMBO
33 Washington St, Brooklyn, New York 11201

A fab Art Adventure for your little one! This dynamic class encourages creative development, promotes fine motor skills and nurtures social interaction, all while exploring a variety of art materials and techniques.  This class encourages awareness and exploration of a variety of art media, tools and basic skills. Each student receives hands-on...

Teen Kendo

at Sword Class NYC - East Harlem
1944 Madison Ave, New York, New York 10035

Millions of teens worldwide study kendo. Our teen kendo class focuses on an energetic and fun workout while strictly adhering to the tenants and traditions of kendo.

Kids Camp

at The Paint Place - Upper West Side
243 W 72nd St, New York, New York 10023

Looking for something fun when the kids are off from school? Let them come paint with us! We will work on different projects with them throughout the 3 hour session, concentrating mostly on Acrylic painting. They can take home any work with them that day. Please send a snack- we will have water available Drop off recommended! Have your child come...

Anime and Illustration

at 7 Fine Arts - Hoboken
159 4th St, Hoboken, New Jersey 07030

The goal of this class is to come up with a fully realized character with a backstory, props, and personality, to set scenes in comics, and to apply your character to a story and a script.  Students learn how to draw the figure using principles of anatomy and perspective through drawing techniques accompanied by inking, painting, and drawing...

Tuesday Dec 19th, 5pm

Kids Art Camp (Ages 5-9)

at Creatively Wild Art Studio - DUMBO
33 Washington St, Brooklyn, New York 11201

Happy Campers dive into creative play and explore self-expression in a safe nurturing studio space. Our camps are taught by professional teaching artists and as well as being fun, campers develop fine motor skills, learn to make personal choices and gain self confidence, as well as interacting with other like minded creative Tots!. Your little one...

The Basics of Oil Painting

at 7 Fine Arts - Hoboken
159 4th St, Hoboken, New Jersey 07030

The basics of oil painting are learned through specific, step by step techniques used by the old masters. We begin with color, learning proper use of materials, scumbling, glazing, and creating a final painting. Stress of having the painting look like an image is reduced using this technique of creating while you paint, and the results have been outstanding. ...

Wednesday Dec 20th, 3:30pm

Myths and Legends (Illustration and Anime)

at 7 Fine Arts - Hoboken
159 4th St, Hoboken, New Jersey 07030

Using illustration, anime, and comic skills, students will explore art though myths and legends of times past. A strong foundation of tool and materials will be provided and imagination encouraged.  A wonderful class for producing unique portfolio quality artwork.

Monday Dec 18th, 5pm

Capoeira Kids

at Arte Capoeira Center - Greenwich Village
18 Bleecker St, New York, New York 10012

Capoeira is an excellent activity for kids. Not only it is a complete sport that develops and strengthen the whole body an but it also helps kids to develop a wide variety of skills including flexibility, balance and focus. Capoeira is also a precious developmental tool as it engages its players physically, socially and culturally.  This...

Saturday Dec 23rd, 11am

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Abstract Worlds

at Children's Museum of the Arts - SoHo
103 Charlton St, New York, New York 10014

How do artists see themselves? Throughout history, lots of ways! From Van Gogh and Frida Kahlo to contemporary artist Njideka Akunyili Crosby, artists have always found new ways to express themselves. In this class, students will begin by exploring emotions and facial features, and move on to expressing their persona in more unconventional ways. Paint...

Thursday Dec 28th, 9am

The Art Box (what's in the box?)

at 7 Fine Arts - Hoboken
159 4th St, Hoboken, New Jersey 07030

Art as challenge!  Each week students are presented with a box filled with creative tools. A quick lesson on usage-and they're off to the races! Our first class which explores imagination, abstraction, and found materials, this is a great class for kids that are looking for something unusual, cool, low pressure/stress and lots of interaction. ...

Friday Dec 22nd, 3:30pm

Manga Drawing and Animation for Kids

at RESOBOX - Chelsea
203 W 20th street, New York, New York 10011

Students learn the characteristics of Japanese anime characters with basic drawing and coloring techniques first. Students create their own original characters. Not only will your child be taught by a professional Japanese manga artist, but they will also be inspired by their fellow classmates! Students can turn their drawings into Pokemon cards using...

Wednesday Dec 20th, 4:30pm

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Joke's On You (Comic and Illustration)

at 7 Fine Arts - Hoboken
159 4th St, Hoboken, New Jersey 07030

If your child is curious about how comic book artists create characters, and want to learn the secrets of how the pros get those faces and lines just right... if they love creating their own characters and drawing their favorite superheroes or fantastical creatures-then this is the class for them!  We will explore different ways to use simple...

Monday Dec 18th, 3:30pm

Teen Art Camp (Ages 10 - 17)

at Creatively Wild Art Studio - DUMBO
33 Washington St, Brooklyn, New York 11201

Perfect for every Teen, from the experienced young artist to beginners eager to explore new territory.  Happy Campers spend an action-packed day working on exciting and challenging projects, learning new skills and working with new materials and techniques! Painting, Drawing, Mixed Media, 3D & Found Object Art, Collage, Cartooning, Manga,...