Newmark Graduate School of Journalism

Newmark Graduate School of Journalism

Midtown, New York, New York
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Craig Newmark Graduate School of Journalism at CUNY offers a top-notch, affordable education teaching traditional journalism values while preparing students to thrive in a rapidly changing media landscape.

As the profession reinvents itself for the digital age, the Newmark J School is at the forefront of equipping the next generation of journalists with the tools to find stories and tell them effectively — using print, broadcast, visual, interactive, and social media.

Just as importantly, our faculty of seasoned, award-winning journalists is preparing students to re-imagine how journalism is practiced so they can help lead the changes underway.

Our students reflect the ethnic, economic, and international diversity of the world, and they take pride in digging out stories about people and neighborhoods in New York City often overlooked in the media.

In our state-of-the-art facility just off Times Square, the Newmark Graduate School of Journalism at CUNY is learning and teaching change.

Reviews of Newmark Graduate School of Journalism

(53 Reviews)
Basics of Narrative Writing

Meredith Kurz

Attended: Basics of Narrative Writing

This was Kaufman's challenge; teach writers of all levels structure of narrative writing, in two 2 hour classes. Kaufman has the experience and chops to give the class, with a hefty portfolio. Assigned quick pieces, these were put up on a screen so the group could critique, objectively. II would take another class from him. [BTW broke many Kaufman rules in this review - adjectives, adverbs, passive verbs - but didn't have three hours to revise, okay?]

Basics of SEO Writing

Sara A.

Attended: Basics of SEO Writing

Great class. Just what I needed. Very knowledgeable instructor.

Magazine Fact-Checking


Attended: Magazine Fact-Checking

It was a very good course and the instructor was knowledgeable and engaging. I would be interested in other courses on topics-related to this subject matter.

Politics, Power, & Money


Attended: Politics, Power, & Money

Very knowledgeable professor. I learned a lot.

Here Comes Virtual Reality


Attended: Here Comes Virtual Reality

This was a very good beginner's overview of VR. The instructor, Bob Sacha, had great energy and patience.

10 Ways to Improve Your Writing

Debra D.

Attended: 10 Ways to Improve Your Writing

The class itself was excellent and well taught. Subtracted a star because the content wasn't what we were expecting given the title.

Super Researcher


Attended: Super Researcher

I couldn't review it more highly. I will be recommending this class widely. Barb was fantastic. What a trove of information she beholds. And at this cost, it was definitely a steal!

Intro to Adobe Premiere Pro CC


Attended: Intro to Adobe Premiere Pro CC

After the first 2 sessions, I was no longer engaged to join the class. It did not meet my expectations - beginner level and hard to get individual attention with a lot of students. I would have appreciated the flexibility to get a refund.

Intro to Adobe Premiere Pro CC

Brett E.

Attended: Intro to Adobe Premiere Pro CC

A great and very interesting class.

Intro to Adobe Premiere Pro CC

Michael S.

Attended: Intro to Adobe Premiere Pro CC

Good class, knowledgeable instructors/profs

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219 W 40th St, New York, New York 10018
Newmark Graduate School of Journalism
Midtown, Manhattan
219 W 40th St
Btwn 7th and 8th Avenues
New York, New York 10018

On weekdays, student should go to 219 West 40th Street. All students must go directly to the third floor where our security staff will direct to the specific classroom. On Saturdays and Sundays all students must enter at 230 West 41st Street (our 40th Street entrance is closed most weekends).

Teachers at Newmark Graduate School of Journalism

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