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Art History Classes Coming up in New York


at Classeteria - Bushwick
284 Suydam St, Brooklyn, New York 11237

The Quilts of Gee’s Bend are a collection of colorful patchwork quilts created by a group of women and their ancestors who lived in the isolated hamlet of Gee’s Bend, Alabama. The town’s women developed a distinctive, bold, and sophisticated quilting style based on traditional American (and African American) quilts, but with a geometric simplicity...


6 sessions

Sunday Sep 9th, 2:30pm

Contemporary Portrait Painting

at New York Academy of Art - TriBeCa
111 Franklin St, New York, New York 10013

This class will explore the cannon of portraiture through the eyes of the artist today, with a special focus on compositional drama, boldness in design shape and palette choice, the harmony of neutrals and the sophistication of brushstroke.  This class will teach students practical methods for mastering the construction and anatomical proportions...


12 sessions

Wednesday Sep 19th, 6:30pm

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at New York School of the Arts - Upper East Side
315 E 62nd St 2nd Fl, New York, New York 10065

Create images rather than capture them. The cyanotype photographic process has many expressive possibilities for the adventurous image-maker. Dating from 1842, this historic Prussian blue process offers a compelling alternative to modern digital prints.  Topics will include the history of photography, photograms, creating negatives, paper, and...


8 sessions

Gold Recycling 3 Hour Private Workshop

at Fitzgerald Jewelry - Williamsburg
251 Grand St, Brooklyn, New York 11211

Gold has always held a fascination for its beauty throughout history.  But hey... some of us have made some regrettable purchases in the past or have been passed down some really ugly pieces :P But fear not! In this 1 day workshop we will show you how to melt down your regrets and uglies and turn them into beautiful gold stackable bands. Please...

Political Cartooning

at Classeteria - Bushwick
284 Suydam St, Brooklyn, New York 11237

In this class students will gain an understanding of the elements that make up political cartoons and they will learn how to create them. Through discussion and work samples we will take a look at the history of the art form including such artists as Thomas Nast. The class will study visual literacy, cartooning as a language of symbols and as a language...


4 sessions

Sunday Oct 7th, 12:30pm

1 Day Workout: Color Calisthenics

at BKC Brooklyn Central - Bushwick
736 Bushwick Ave, Brooklyn, New York 11221

This one-day class invites you to think critically about color in your photographs.  We'll briefly overview the history of color photography, from early trials in 3-color process by Thomas Sutton to the digital pixel palettes of today's Photoshop world. Then we'll go hands-on, making photographic stories that challenge our interpretation of color....

Introduction to Comic Illustration

at Classeteria - Bushwick
284 Suydam St, Brooklyn, New York 11237

In this class geared for adults and older teens, we'll learn about the key elements of comics and how to use them to tell your story. We'll go over such topics as: generating a story, breaking it down into pages and panels, getting the story to flow, how panel-to-panel action works and page composition. Overview Week 1: Class introduction and Character...


4 sessions

Sunday Sep 9th, 12pm

Evolution of Jewelry

at New York Jewelry Design Institute - Midtown
17 West 45th St Ste 904, New York, New York 10036

In this course, we will explore many complex relationships and how they were interpreted by jewelry designers. Every decade has a unique spirit: political crisis, nature, ideology, instinct, cinema. There is a common thread amongst these…each is an impetus in design. Each has inspired art, artists...and jewelry. To be a great designer requires a...


8 sessions

Wednesday Sep 5th, 6pm

Strategies For Collecting Fine Art

at New York School of Interior Design - Upper East Side
170 E 70th St, New York, New York 10021

Why do we create Museums and endeavor to have our own art collections? What are the historical precedents? This course traces the emergence of each of these art forms: the Print, the Painting, Drawings, Sculpture and Ceramics, along with the emergence of the Art Collector with a particular emphasis on this history as it pertains to New York. ...


3 sessions

Colors of Autumn: Dyeing with Walnut Shells & Pinecones

at Brooklyn Botanic Garden - Crown Heights
1000 Washington Ave, Brooklyn, New York 11225

Before the discovery of synthetic dyes, plants and other natural sources were used by all cultures to color fiber. Discover the history and basics of dyeing with plants by using walnut shells and pinecones to create a range of tan and brown hues.  Each participant will receive two silk scarves to dye during the workshop and a natural dyes zi...

Sunday Nov 18th, 11am

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Intro to Digital Photography

at The New School - Manhattan

This lecture/demonstration course for beginners covers the fundamentals of digital photography. The goal is to give students a sense of confidence in using a camera without bogging them down in excessive technical detail.  Topics covered include different types of cameras and how to choose a camera. Aperture opening (f-stop) and shutter speed...


12 sessions

Wednesday Sep 12th, 7pm

Drawing II

at The New School - Manhattan

This class is geared to students seeking to improve their drawing skills as well as those who wish to build a portfolio to apply for higher education. There is an emphasis on selective observation to develop an understanding of structure and form. Students explore composition, line quality, and spatial relationships while developing their own personal...


12 sessions

Wednesday Sep 12th, 7pm

Essential Black & White Darkroom

at BKC Brooklyn Central - Gowanus
Gowanus Darkroom 119 8th St Ste 212, Brooklyn, New York 11215

Are you a digital photographer looking to expand your knowledge of photographic technique and history?  Maybe you took a darkroom class in school and want to get back to your roots?  Is there something about photos shot on film that you love but can't explain why?  If the answer to any of these questions is yes, you should definitely...


8 sessions

Thursday Sep 13th, 6pm

Tri-Color Gum Bichromate

at Penumbra Foundation | CAP - Murray Hill
36 E 30th St, New York, New York 10016

This workshop will cover the materials and methods for producing color separated negatives to make full color gum bichromate prints.  Students will be introduced to the history of gum bichromate printing.   Digital workflow will be discussed in detail.  Students will learn the variables involved and how to manipulate the negatives...


2 sessions

Saturday Dec 8th, 10am


at The New School - Manhattan

Collage is the integration of painting, handmade surfaces, found objects, digital prints, and photographs to create multiple layers of visual meaning in an artwork or design. Collage offers an ideal medium for autobiographical work, storytelling, and visual narratives. Students develop their creative ideas and technical skills in a variety of compositions...


6 sessions

Saturday Sep 15th, 1pm