92nd Street Y

Upper East Side, New York, New York
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92nd Street Y is a world-class cultural and community center where people all over the world connect through culture, arts, entertainment and conversation. For over 140 years, we have harnessed the power of arts and ideas to enrich, enlighten and change lives, and the power of community to repair the world.

As a proudly Jewish organization, 92Y enthusiastically welcomes and reaches out to people of all ages, races, faiths and backgrounds while embracing Jewish values like learning and self-improvement, the importance of family, the joy of life, and giving back to our wonderfully diverse and growing community, both locally and around the world.

92nd Street Y is where inspiration lives and exploration begins—with a diverse range of classes and programs that let everyone pursue what they love. With innovative, top-notch programs, events and concerts, plus over 4,000 classes taught by today’s most talented professionals, 92Y has it all—for all ages and interests.

Accessibility: Location is wheelchair accessible!

There is no other place like 92Y.

Reviews of 92nd Street Y

(242 Reviews)

diane h.

Attended: Ceramics for Beginners

Nice intro to all ceramic techniques, but it would have been nice to take one ceramic item home


Attended: Getting Started: Drawing

Loved it!


Attended: Getting Started with Watercolor

Great introduction to watercolors!

Linda O.

Attended: Tap for Absolute Beginners

Jill was a lovely and helpful instructor. I had to stop going after the third session due to an injury (not a born dancer!), but I found the teacher and her assistant very encouraging and the atmosphere very accepting of all bodies and abilities. Great starter class to get a taste of tap dancing!


Attended: Wheel (Beginner)

The class was supposed to be Beginner, but most of the participants were not beginners. By the second session, the instructor was already demonstrating how to trim. He tailored the class to the needs of the majority. Well, the majority were NOT beginners. Meanwhile, I couldn't even center yet, and most people were popping out 2 or 3 pieces to be fired. I paid for a Beginner class, but this wasn't Beginner. For as much as it costs, it was a total rip off. People who have no experience with ceramics should NOT take this class.

Caroline K.

Attended: Wheel (Beginner)

Great beginner’s class that covered the fundamentals well. Our teacher Guy was patient and very helpful. Only complaint is about the equipment, some of the wheels were difficult to use.


Attended: Great Decisions 2017

I was the youngest by 40 years. No one looked at me when they talked and it was extremely demoralizing. The discussions mostly focused on individual political opinions and rarely followed the readings.


Attended: Cartooning and Illustration (Beginners)

This is a great class. Josh is a wonderful teacher. He is appreciate of all different styles and encourages each student to explore their own voice. I started the class timid about my drawing and I came out of it feeling confident and eager to learn more!

Billie B.

Attended: Forged Bangles

I really enjoyed the class and I love my new copper bangles


Attended: Getting Started: Drawing

The instructor was very helpful. I think that the variety of subjects could have been more varied.

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1395 Lexington Ave, New York, New York 10128
92nd Street Y
Upper East Side, Manhattan
1395 Lexington Ave
Btwn E 91st & 92nd Streets
New York, New York 10128

Teachers at 92nd Street Y

Jody Arnhold & Catherine Gallant 92Y USA Gymnastics-certified Coach Adair Ewin Adam Haslett Adriana Rostovky Alan Brodsky Alberta Vita Alexandra Silber Alexi Tavel Alison Bunce Allan Gurganus Allan Katz Allison Maletz Allison Gilbert Allison Valchuis Allyson Bone Alyssa Gelbard Amanda Hu Aminda Asher Amy Haskins Amy Rinaldi Amy Park Amy Haskins Andrea Arnold Andrea Scannell MSEd CLC Andrea Arnold Andrea Bernstein Andrea Markus & Deborah Damast Andy Coppola Ann Biddle Ann Hoyt Ann Klein Ann Paly Ann Biddle & Jody Gottfried Arnhold Ann Biddle, Heather Watts, Ellen Bar, Robert LaFosse Ann Hoyt & Sarah Tolar Ann Paly Loonan Anna Khanina Anna Solomon Anna Shukeylo Anna Shukeylo Anna-Marie Settine Anne Washburn Anthony Tognazzini Anthony T. Kronman Antoine "Doc" Judkins Anya Fidelia Arleigh Rothenberg Arlen Schumer Audrey Mordos Ayodamola Okunseinde Ayumi Horie, James Klein & David Reid Barbara Salinger Barry Goldsmith Béatrice Coron Ben Grow Ben Grow Bernard Bernstein Bess Steiger Bess Steiger Beth Ann Tokoly Bethany Robertson Bethany Pelle Blanca Bobby Silverman Bonnie Steinsnyder Brandt Johnson Brenda Wineapple Brian Landrus Brian Kelly Brian Rutenberg Brice Garrett Brooke Hagel Caitlin Applegate Cammi Climaco Carey Cromelin Carina Vocisano-Bruel Carla Aurich Carla Innerfield & Chris Coogan Carol Cutler Carol Lewis Carrie Demos Catherine Catherine Baggs Cathie Behrend Cathryn Jakobson Ramin Cathy Gargiulo Celeste Headlee with Mary Elizabeth Williams Certified PopFit Kids instructor Cesare Papetti Chadwick Augustine Charlotte Segall Chelsey Storteboom Cheryl Paswater Chikae Ishikawa Chris Wright Chris Bergson Christian Dietkus Lord Christina Rufin Christina Morales Christopher Sorrentino Christopher North Christopher E. Mandigo & Evan Johnson Christopher Peter Makris Cissy Grossman Claudia Rahardjanoto Claudia Brown Cliff Turner Cody Wooden Coe Booth Collette Black Collette Black & Mary Feinsinger Cynthia Reynolds Dan Levine Dan Plesch Dan Cooper Dana Manno Daniel Antosh Danielle Ansley Danielle Ansley Daphna Simon Daryl Gioffre David Gibson David Thomson David Thomson David Yezzi David Butler David Atkin David Miller David LaBarca David J. Kahn Dawn Petter Debbie Schmidt Deborah Damast Deborah Green Deborah Tannen & Dr. Ruth Westheimer Denise Karas Derin Oge Dian Killian Diana Simkin Dianne Pollack Dina Pruzhansky Donna Harkavy Donna Friedman Doron Langberg Douglas Bradford Douglas Golde Dr. Jessica Spat-Lemus Dr. Max Gomez with Maurice DuBois Dr. Miriam Roskin Berger Dr. Miriam Roskin Berger and Julie Collins Dr. Sandra Joyce Drs. Lynn & Philip Levy Ed Maceachen Edith Grossman Edward Mendelson Edward Goldberg Elias Kababa Elissa Weiss Elizabeth White-Pultz Elizabeth Pyjov Elizabeth O'Reilly Elizabeth Terhune Ellen Leikind Ellen Jovin Ellen Alt Ellen Calmenson Elliot Sternlicht Elyse Kremins Emet Sosna Emilie Shapiro Emily Dombroff Emily Paster & Leah Koenig Eric Michelson Eric Hibit Erin Daily Eugene Roth Eva Centeno Eva Dillon Fany Gerson Fran J. Levy Francine Segan Fritz Horstman Fuchsia Dunlop Gabriel Willow Gail Cornell Gail Saltz & Ronald White Gamble Staempfli Garrick Beck Gene Wisniewki Gene Pritsker Gene Wisniewski Gillian Golan Gina Morgano Ginny Casey Gloria McLean Grace Schulman Grace Bonner Gustav Hamilton Harold Rabinowitz Harvey Granat Helen Vendler Herbert Leibowitz Hettie Jones Hiho Batik Hilda Werschkul Honey Jeanne Laber Ian Henderson Irma Prishker J. J. Peet and Bobby Silverman J.D. McClatchy J.J. Peet Jaclyn Brown James Shapiro James Reynolds James Sheehan James Coll Jamie Reynolds Jane Tomkiewicz Jane & Michael Stern Janice Grzyb Janice Fiore Janna Gregonis Janna Gregonis Jean Gorospe Jean Chatzky & Michael F. Roizen, MD Jeanne Bresciani Jeanne Beaumont Jeanne Bresciani Jenna Zabala Jenna Zabala & Jane Tomkiewicz Jennefer Witter Jennifer Newman Jennifer Mattson Jennifer Kikoler Jennifer Florez Jenny Lin, Tania Tachkova & James Reynolds Jenny Lin, Tania Tachkova, James Reynolds & Liana Pailodze Jeremy Leichman Jess Worby Jesse Bert Jessica Nicoll Jessica Hagedorn Jill Kenney Jiwon Han Jiyoung Chung Jock Ireland JoDe Romano "La Chispa" Johanna Neuman & Jim O'Grady John Hill Jonathan Kline Jonathan Weber Jonathan Tucker Jose Rosario Joseph Luzzi Josh Bayer Joyce Gold Judith Hoetker Judith Granger PhD Julia Harrison Julie Azous Julie Garcia Julie Garcia and Jill Kenny Kaina Quenga Kaina Quenga, Claudia Rahardjanoto, Erin Fairman, & Jaime Galindo Karen Haberberg Kate Bar-Tur Kate Stephan Katharine Wood Kathy Wood Kathy Bayer Katie Rodgers Katie Shulman Katy Moore Kelly Rio Saxton Ken Chaya Ken Watts Kenny Noth Kevin Alomia Kevin Wilcoxon Kevin Bradford Klaus Bürgel Kurt Brokaw Kwaku Aning Lana Hirsch Lance Somerfeld Lance Somerfeld Larry Smith Larry Norton Andrea Mitchell Larson Harley Laura Gauthier Laura Venuto Laura Deutch Laura Arens Fuerstein, PhD Leah Dowdy Leah Dowdy & Heather Childs Leigh Stein Lena Chandhok Lena Chanhok Leo Schaff Leonard Marcus Leonard Marcus Leonard Braunschweiger Liana Pailodze Lifesaving Enterprises LLC Lily Landes Linda R. Kundell Linnea Paskow Lisa Daehlin Lisa Spiros Liza Knapp Liza Natale Lois Akner Lora Tchekoratova Lori Rotskoff LouAnn Smith Louis Rosen Louis Rosen Lucie Levine Luis Torres,Gloria St Mark,Teresita Torres,Dennis Brooks,Olivia Nixon Luke Marantz Maggie Ens Marc Greenberg Marc Greenberg Marc Greenberg Margaret Mathews -Berenson Margarita Manwelyan Mari DiLena Marika Hahn Marilyn Baker Marilyn Maye & Will Friedwald Marissa Moss, Dr. Jessica Zitter & Mark Zitter, moderator Mark Doty Mark Zuckerman Marlon Mills Marsha Davis Martha Eddy Mary Ruefle Mary Feinsinger Mary Ann Fogarty Mary Beth Rozkewicz Masako Onodera Matt Wilson Matthew Thomas Matthew Burcaw Matthew Fischer Matthew Rouse, PhD, MSW Matthieu Cheminee Max Zuckerman Megan Doyle Megan Calhoun Megan Doyle, Heather Childs & Leah Dowdy Melanie Baker Melanie Kozol Melissa Rioux Melissa Febos Melissa Staiger Michael Groden Michael Morrissey Michael Goldstein Michael Carleton Michelle Shoham Michelle Berman Milica Paranosic Milica Paranosic, Dan Cooper & Gene Pritsker Miranda Jonte Mitchell Cohen Molly MacGregor Molly Peacock Moriyama Robbins Myla Goldberg Myrna Caceres Nachum Lerner Nadav Wiesel Nadine Sobel Nancy Ariewitz Nancy Kalow Nancy Johnson Nancy Smith Naomi Goldberg Haas Natalie Eibert Nate Cooper Nathan Sensel Nefeli Soteriou Nelson Riveros Nika Leoni Nikki Coupee Noah Rothbaum & Allen Katz Noam Scheindlin Nori Pao Norma Curley, Collette Black & Mary Feinsinger Norma Jeanne Curley Nuyorican Poets Cafe Olga Sahraovi Oliver Trager Olivia Michaels Omi Gray Orit Tenzer Oscar Peñas Pamela Farland Patrice Washington Patricia Marx Patricia Hubbard-Ragette Patricia Capello & Miriam Berger Patricia Capello, Tina Erfer & Miriam Berger Paul Shore Paul Kim Paul Metrinko Paul Williams Paula Vogel Peggy Suzuki Peter Wadhams Peter Brannen Peter Schroth Phd Judith Granger PhD Stephen Shainbart and LCSW Kate Bar-Tur Philip Vanderhyden Philip Scandura Philip Harwood Rabbi Hayley Siegel Rachel Grobstein Randi Jacoby Rebecca Stead Rebecca Hutchinson Rebecca Schoffer Rebecca Rich Blint Richard McCoy Richard Prum Rick Bleier Riva Blumenfeld Robert Goodman Robert W. Smith Roberto Garcia Robin Greenstein Robin Simmonds Robin Milling Ronnit Vasserman Russell O Jones Ruth Goodman Ruth Reifen Sabrina Ursaner Sal Pernice Sally Tannen Sally Van Doren Sam Holleran Samuel Heilman Sandi Boerum Sandra Newman Sarah Wilson Sarah Emond Sarah Sabourin Sarah Emond & Gustav Hamilton Sasha Spare Sasha Soreff Saul Chernick Sayumi Yokouchi Scot Williams Seth Gopin Shari Bornstein & Jenny Psaki Sharon Dolin Sharon Good Shella Robinson Sherry Amatenstein Sheryl Oppenheim Shirley Bassat Simon Powis Sophie Cabot Black Stefani Jackenthal Stephanie Middleberg Stephanie Rabanowitz Stephen Wright Stephen Sherman Steve King Sung Qu Park Susan Homer Susan Cherniak Susan Miller Susan Sloan Susan Neri-Friedwald Susan Rosenbaum Susan Silver Susan Cottle Susan Barth Susannah Meadows & Jane Brody Susanne Matsche Suzi Tortora Tamar Matza Tamiko Ferguson Taniya Carey Tanyika Carey Ted Enik Teresa Braun Terri Sloane Tina Erfer Tina Curran & Frederick Curry Tomo Matsuo Tova Botwinick Uri Galimidi & Dr Lear Kuzniar Valerie Hall Veronica Frenning Vicki Burns Victor Aka Victoria Febrer Viktorija Todorovska Vivian Einstein-Rosenberg Viviane Silvera Vladimir Deming Wendy Shapero Wennie Huang Will Ditterline Will Friedwald Xan Burley & Molly MacGregor Yuka Imata Zach Seeger Zhaodan Huang
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